Ask the Budgetologist with Phylecia Jones

Stop Buying Things When You Already Have the Answer

April 21, 2020

Hey business owner... you have been in business for over 5 years now and you know what it takes to make money, retain clients and build a business. You have read the books. Invested in coaches and mentors. You have gone to the workshops. You know cash is a bit tight right now, so why are you still buying courses and programs? Why are you still paying to find the answers you have already paid for? Why not take this time to implement the over $48,000 in 'training' you have already invested in? Seriously... stop buying things when you already have the answer.

Ask the Budgetologist is presented by Keep Up with Mrs. Jones and hosted by Phylecia Jones. Phylecia is a two-time TEDx speaker, personal finance contributor for the national TV show Daily Blast Live and Founder of iFind You Close. #AsktheBLIVE is a daily live stream to podcast that discusses budgeting, money and finances from the perspective of a solo and small business owner.

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